Apr 052011


Been working on a theme for the CM7 theme chooser.  I bring you Blue Glass. You must be rooted and running an ROM that uses the theme chooser apk.  This is a theme with a lot of blues, and transparencies.  Check it out, and let me know as it is still beta. Hope you like it.

What’s themed:
Facebook widget
Twitter widget
News and Weather
Calendar Widget
Desk Clock
You Tube

Maybe a few more, and more edits to come
Here’s the link:  Blue Glass

Please share your thoughts in comments section.  I’ve only tested this on my Motorola Droid, so feedback is appreciated!

Also here is a MetaMorph for the volume rocker and lock sliders: http://bit.ly/eXQwn8
I’ve added this to the market as well, finally. If you would like to support this theme and my work, you can access it in the market with the following link: Android Market Link

Feb 232011

I was finally able to get everything building again. Updates should be rolling out this weekend!

My computer went down and I had to rebuild the development environment. I am currently having issues with building the themes. As soon as I get it fixed, I will push updates for all themes. Sorry for the delays.

I am currently working on an update to all of the ADW themes.  I will be adding icons and trying to fix some issues with standard apps not theming on Motorola Blur devices and Samsung devices.  I will also be adding icons to the icon pack and updating for the custom docks in ADW Ex.

Look for at least two of them to be updated by the end of the weekend

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Feb 042011





Here’s just a little of what I am working on currently. I’m calling it Blue Glass. Once I finish it up, I’ll add more colors if it goes over well. Also this will be for Sapphire 2.0.2 but I will also make a metamorph for others to try it out. Let me know your thoughts.

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Jan 152011

Just a little introduction.
I’m fairly new to theming for android. Like many, my interest arose out of necessity. I loved the ability to customize the entire look of the phone, but I was having trouble finding a yellow and blue theme for the college football season. So in my spare time I started to figure out how to make my own themes. With the help of members in the android community I was able to get a pretty good start on my first theme.
Currently I am theming for the D1 and creating ADW themes. I am officially addicted to this now.
A special thanks to Jairomeo and J.B. Themes for helping me out and giving me a home to share my work.

Leave me a comment an let me know how you think I’m doing.

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