Antique ADW Themes


This page will host the screens, future plans and whatever else comes to mind for my ADW themes

Antique Themes

The first set of themes I am creating is called Antique. Currently it is available in Blue, Green, Red and Purple, Silver, Orange and Yellow. Now that the set is complete I am going to start making more icons for apps. Leave a message if you want one and it’s not on my list. Many new icons have been added since its release.

Screen shots

Antique Screens

Upcoming Updates


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  17 Responses to “Antique ADW Themes”

  1. Hey there! Where can we download this now that you are no longer on Google Play?
    Thanks so much! :-)

    • I need to find the apk files and upload them to be able to be downloaded from the site. I cleared off most of the stuff of my computer but do have my theme drive that I never delete.

  2. Can you add dolphin browser?

  3. Hey Jairomeo! Have your antique themes green, blue and silver. Silver is my favorite so far. Some icons I’d like to see added (you already have a lot of my desires on your list already) are…

    Google Earth, Google Sky Map, G4, AppBrain App Market, Advanced Task Killer, Camera, Fox News, eBuddy, Edwin, TuneWiki, Voicemail
    Kinda long, sorry!

    Using this on HTC Evo.

    • Any update on this? thanks…

      • I am starting updates today for new icons along with the new dockbar from the newest adw update. Ive been out of town the last few weekends and just finished updating all the root themes yesterday. I will be working adw tonight and over the weekend (nothing tomorrow since Im getting all 4 wisdom teeth pulled, and probably not Friday) so I am hoping by Sunday should be an update for all versions. Not sure about all those icons but a most will be included in the next update. Ill have to check the camera, because that should’ve been fixed in the last update.

  4. Hey Jairomeo, been using your antqiue red theme on a moto droid. I think its a great theme. Looking to add some icon to the theme. I was looking for a K-9 email app icon, Touchdown Exchange app icon, titanium backup, and slacker icon… Donation is heading your way… thanks…

  5. SwiFTP Icon please ;) Thanks man…

  6. [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Jeff MacDonald, jairomeo. jairomeo said: I have also created a dedicated page on the site for my ADW themes, this was I can list what Ill try to update [...]

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