App instructions:

These instructions are for applying the Theme chooser APK to CM7 phones with HDPI resolution!

Other Roms will not be supported by me even if the chooser apk works on them!

1. First go the the DOWNLOAD section of this site and get the latest version of DarkGinger!

- Also if you want the lockscreen themed download the in the download section of this site!

2. Locate app with a file manager and install

-Make sure your apps are all up to date from the market and your not using a zip “or flash-able” theme already. That can cause issues!

3. Go to the Theme chooser app in you application drawer

4. Scroll over to the DarkGinger entry and select apply Note: If it says “sorry, this theme is missing assets for your devices screen size.” Select apply anyway…it’s not going to break anything it’s a known issue!!!

5. If you want the lockscreen and odd images that the chooser will not theme yet, apply the metamorph now!

6. Reboot

7. Enjoy the Darkness!!!!

NOTE: You can keep the theme chosen even if you update to a new nightly or stable release! Market apps work the same way no need to restart the theme chooser!


How to apply Metatmorph:

Step 1
Download MetaMorph from the Market.

Step 2
Download the MetaMorph file of your choice and place it on your sdcard. I have a folder on my sdcard called “morphs” where I place all of my metamorph files.

Step 3
Open the MetaMorph app, select always allow, then press allow. Select Pick theme. Go to the folder where you put your metamorph files and select the one you want to apply.

Step 4
If you want to apply everything in the morph, then select apply all. MetaMorph will then begin to run through the process of applying the images to your .apk’s. This will take a while if there are a lot of .apk’s to be skinned.

Step 5
Once MetaMorph has gone through the process of applying the theme, You are done. Unless you applied a morph which has framework-res.apk in it, then you will have to reboot your phone, then you are done!


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  1. Looks nice

  2. Worked great, thanks. Plus it does look awesome when all is said and done. Thanks for sharing everything.

  3. Made the XML a live link to the file itself!

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    • Sorry, the status bar morphs are only for the morph theme as stated in the morph instructions. That’s why I made seperate themes. You will have to flash it over!

  8. Great theme, love it on my G2 with Cyanogen. Is there a way to get the g/e/3g/h back up the near the signal icon in the notification bar? I love how Cyanogen’s build shows all data connection modes, the stock rom never showed 3g.

    • Figured it out sorry. Is there a way to change the folder color only? The black doesnt work with my live wallpaper (that starfield one you had on xda). I already changed my notification bar to a dark grey…now how to do that for folders too.

      Thanks again!

      • Oh, I ment to change the folder color a while back. I’m not using any so I forgot about it. Will do it with my update this week unless cm7 is released. Then I will change it on that release!

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  12. Looks really nice, I am wanting to put the morph extras to this theme through metamorph, the only thing is my phone is the droidX and I’m not sure how to do it. Can anyone help me out?

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