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DA Handcent Skins

Darkness was the first skin I made for handcent and they actually included it with their set of skins. I now have made four more but they have yet to reply on adding them to the internal selection. So I decided to use the hacked Metal skin I have to share these versions to everyone. You will have to install them separately since they share the same skin name so that Handcent will let you enable them.

For now these skins are using the Metal theme for a base until I can get Handcent to include them.

I’m not taking requests at this time…sorry!!!



-READ ALL OF THIS!!!!!! I will ignore help if already covered here!!!


-UNINSTALL THE SKIN METAL FROM THE MARKET “Only if you already have it

-Download from below

-Install my apk from your sdcard

-go to handcent and select….Star ICON in the top right corner/Settings/Custom Style/Skin/Metal

-back completely out of Handcent and reopen….

You can make additional changes to the walllpapers and font within the Custom Style settings.

Download tips:
If you have issues downloading the links try right click and select “Save as”. From the phone long press and select “Save Link” If you encounter the .apk changing to .zip then rename .apk and install! (Phone tip: Make sure your browser is set to “Linux Desktop” in the “User Agent” Settings of the browser!)

Like what you see…I like to drink Pepsi!!



Screens are  in the market!

In the market: Free




Link: ICS-Skin-Handcent-v1.apk  <—-New Handcent version and new Handcent skin 4/9/12

More on the way!!!



  36 Responses to “Handcent Skins”

  1. [...] DarkICE Handcent Skins ICS Dark: Stock: Pink: Links and instructions are here: DarkICE Handcent Skins G2X: Smoking fast!!!!! ROM: CM7.2 Nightly Euroskank Kang With DA Gingers Theme Chooser [...]

  2. Hey I’m having trouble downloading on my phone I’ve tried all your tips but no avail is there anyway I could get a different link maybe to a file share like media fire etc I really would like this

    • Try from a computer yet? I have never had any issues downloading from the site. I don’t use the other file sharing sites cause they want to close my links for not being active or to charge me to keep the links up. If there is something specific you need sent then email me at djbryan3540@gmail and I’ll send it via my personal dropbox account.

  3. Awesome! Just what I was looking for! Modded the bubbles and some other things but the general theme is killer!! Thank you!

  4. How to get the bubble and conversation settings?

  5. I dl’ed your skin and I love it, but my conversations don’t look like the screen shot. Did I do something wrong? How do I make it look like that?

    • It’s in the handcent settings, You need to go to bubble settings and conversion settings. I removed it because people complained they couldn’t change it from how I themed it.

  6. I wanted to know how you got the ics font in your handcent sms theme? I have it on system font and it doesnt look the same as you have it. I also did a search for system fonts and none of them look like yours. Please help thank you

  7. Great theme, I really like it. I am trying to reproduce color just can’t get it, can you tell me the number of each of the 3 colors and transparency? Would greatly appreciate it.

    • I’m actually not using the skin myself but just move the sliders until you find a match. That’s what I did for the screenshots. I wish I did write them down so I could provide the numbers..but I do remember it’s a mix of blue and green.

  8. Hi dev, can u make Full editor to ics style? i see it on default style and it’s not good. Will u make update for handcent skin :D

    • I wish, I can only theme what they allow the skin to theme. Unless they change that I can’t do anything else. I’ve even tried theming the entire app and it won’t install. So I’m stuck!


  9. With the handcent update today the background of this skin went to like some really horrible resolution, instead of fading from light to dark it is like blocky from light to dark;. Looks horrible. Is this something you can fix??

  10. Oh, i see when i changed skin, my background in setting was changed, too. I’ll try again, but i think the skin does this change :S

  11. Hello just tried to download the ICS handcent theme but the link is bad. Do you have an alternate link? Great designs too! Thanks…

    • Worked just fine for me, I don’t have a mirror yet but you can try long press the link and select save as. Or try a computer.

  12. how did you get the blue font??

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