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If you have issues downloading the links try right click and select “Save as”. From the phone long press and select “Save Link” If you encounter the .apk changing to .zip then rename .apk and install! (Phone tip: Make sure your browser is set to “Linux Desktop” in the “User Agent” Settings of the browser!)

New gapps from 8/28/11 is needed…found in rom manager!!!

Note: Donate and free versions are the same but the donate will get updates a few days earlier! You gotta get something for donating!  ;-) Thanks!



Donate Version:

Android Market! Donate

Free version:

Android Market! Free


Android Market: $1.99


Android Market: $1.99


Android Market: $1.99


Android Market: $1.99



Awesome Darkginger wallpapers by JaiThemes here:


Moved to it’s own page here: DA Swypes

Metamorph links


For the missing pieces in the theme chooser apk – for detailed instructions go to the INSTRUCTIONS  page towards the bottom…

New Smoke:

New Rings Themed and more missing details fixed n v1.6


New CM Rings option themed in v1.5 <—-New 10/28– 

–Lightened Power prompt popup and new app ring images <—-New11/27 <— New 11/6


This includes:

volume progressions

Lockscreen Images (tabs, rotary and Lense options themed),

Missing selection images

Power prompt Icons

Lense screenshot:


Optional animations:


If you don’t like the way they run or look, try the Display settings and choose “some animations”

Also spare parts can speed up the animations for the windows and popups

Screw that give me the stock ones back…ok:

Lockscreen optional shades:

Note: you must apply the “” to remove the tabs

Screens of  optional locks tabs:



Optional Flash-able zips (in recovery – please backup first)



Link to YouTube preview:

Click to see

Thanks to Six6Sicks!!!!

This is the stock CM7 boot animation




If  you don’t know what to do with these then leave them alone please!!!!!

as of  9/25


  31 Responses to “Downloads”

  1. Nice But how do i get the darkginger Swype on my D2

    • There’s an apk on the downloads page. You can’t have any other swype though. Or you can try the morph.

  2. does this work for the htc shift 4g?

  3. uhm is this working at ideos?

  4. Man, everything is so awesome but why the heck have you made everything so complicated???

    I see no instructions and see nowhere to download and make my phone exactly what it looks like in screen shots.

    • You are kidding right? There a whole page of instructions….there is a tab and site map with the link to it on every page.

  5. This is sweet, I joined twitter just to see when this was coming for droid x. Woke up this morning and saw it was on the market. Cha-Ching!

  6. love it my desire is now truly desirable 1 request any chance of you skinning plume the same way you did the market ;-)

    • What do you mean? I themed plume. Do you mean transparent? Not sure if it’s possible. Please give me more details to your request.

      • Yes I have the themed plume apk I just love the transparent stuffs so I can see my live wallpapper behind it faintly as you have done with the market app. :) love the work btw freekin awsome. :D

  7. I got everything working except the lockscreens,volume progressions etc. I applied the v1.2 after creating a zip through zip themer and flashed it through CWM it dint seem to make any difference. Any ideas?

  8. vflxuiokjmmwbvhbssau, dpatzoemwi , [url=]rncowugoen[/url], dpatzoemwi

  9. Thanks for themeing the new Swype. Is there any way to get a qHD (960×540) version, or can you tell me how to go in and edit the files in the apk to stretch the keyboard to that 540px width?

    Thanks for all your hard work!

  10. sir.djdarknight is this apk apps is applicable in my LG p500

    • The dark market apps are not updated but should work still. The theme apk’s are for the theme chooser for CM7 based roms.

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  12. hi, i am loving Darkginger on my G2! i was wondering if there is any way to get a transparent Google Search widget with the theme? whenever i install one, the theme seems to overide the transparency? thx for everything

    • Thanks for using DarkGinger, I’m really happy with the widgets the way they are but you can modify the apk for your personal use if you like. You will need to know how to sign apk’s with apk manager and just rename the transparentwidget to the same name in the theme. Otherwise sorry!

      • ah ok, no problem, that would be a learning experience for me. thanks for the response and for all the great work that you do!

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  14. hi there please pm me, i lost your details

  15. I have a D1 running cm7.2 every time i try to dl darkginger from the market it crashes my phone. like it will dl, then go to install, when its finished, the screen times out, goes black, then on to the lockscreen with no service for a second or two. Is this a known issue?

    • Not that I’ve seen, my son’s phone is running darkginger just fine. So is his girlfriend’s phone..G2x and G2 both on cm7.2.

  16. Argh…!!! I changed the PinkGingerMorph download .zip to .apk but my Samsung (CM10) keeps telling me “Parsing error occured” WTH??? Tried to install with ROM Toolbox pro and another file manager, both are saying “Parsing error”. Do you have any idea what went wrong??? The theme is awesome and I’d love to have it. I can’t access Play Store, so the apk is the only way for me to go…

    • So let me get this straight? You renamed a zip apk and assumed that would work? Really? Also CM10 is jellybean….my ginger themes are for Gingerbread. I have instructions and links everywhere…please explore and read a little more before asking questions. But thank you for the laugh…I’m sorry that wasn’t nice but I have to be honesty…it was funny.

    • Also I’m sorry you can’t access the playstore but I have no other way to publish themes. I would ask someone who can to get apps and email them to you so you can enjoy android to it’s fullest….or look for one of those after market playstore apps. Good luck!

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