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This theme is in it’s 4th generation of android starting with DarkFroyo, DarkGinger, DarkICE and now DarkJelly.

If I had a list to thank people who helped, it would be 40 pages long so pat yourself on the back! You probably helped me one way or the other!

Special thanks to:


and many more!!
Also all my loyal theme users!!!

Bug reports are good but with good info with the report…that would help. Phone/ROM versoin/Theme version/Steps you took to get the issue!!!

As you know if you try this I am not resposible for you NOT backing up or your phone gets so sexy someone steals it!!!! Not my fault!!!!! :)

or  use


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This site has over 60 themed apps to install that will match all my themes!





AOSP custom roms only..NOT guaranteed to workon all roms so backup first then flash in recovery!!!! 


Transparent-Bubbles-MMS-4.2.2-20130717-signed.zip 7/17: Here Mirror 


Transparent-Bubbles-MMS-4.2.1-20130112-signed.zip 1/12: Here Mirror Mirror2 


Transparent-Bubbles-MMS-20121010-signed.zip 10/10: Here Mirror Mirror2

4.1.1 —

For roms without the Mms fix for the black font in text messaging…flash this after every update:

Transparent-Bubbles-MMS-20120930-signed.zip 10/4: Here Mirror Mirror2


  71 Responses to “DarkJelly”

  1. Nice

  2. Great work!

    I just installed the DarkJelly inverted apps over Codename, following your instructions above (including downloading the original gapps from the link you provided). The ones I’ve looked at look great.

    Gmail, however, doesn’t seem to be inverting for me.

    Not sure if this is a known problem or not, but thought I’d mention.

    If there’s anything I can do to help, let me know.

    Thanks again!

    • Awesome, great job following the directions. I greatly appreciate that. Gmail just updated, as well as Google videos. I’ll be updating the zip today with those updated. Thanks for the feedback and support!


      • Ah, wasn’t aware of the update.

        Sounds like you’re on top of it, but just FYI. I uninstalled GMail through TiBu, then flashed your package again (no wipes, no nothing, just flashed it) and it worked like a charm.

  3. I did a fresh wipe (system, data, cache) and installed Vicious/CM 20120802 and your inverted gapps (at the same time, no reboot in between). I had a problem with calendar not syncing. Still messing around with it but I thought I’d leave a note in case you had an idea being far smarter on this than me. Only thought I had is with the 4.0.4 change to use the built in calendar syncing instead of the googlesyncadapter.apk used for ASOP calendar.

    I read about it here: http://rootzwiki.com/topic/31532-gapps-411-398337-jro03c-gapps-package/

    Thoughts? Thanks for the awesome work! I love the theme. Black is the new white.

    • Nevermind I realize you probably are aware of this and thats why you use the specific gapps package that I blindly missed. REdoing with the stock gapps you so explicitly require. Sorry bout that!

  4. OK this time I was more judicious with my insanity before posting. I am having troubles with gtalk forceclosing when I try to connect. It’ll open but when I click my account to connect it encounters an error and closes.

    Rom: Vicious/CM10 08/02 update
    Kernel: stock CM10 kernel
    Gapps: 07/26 stock apps in your post then overwritten by your v5 08/02 inverted apps (all in one go with rom, no reboot inbetween)
    Theme: Your Dark Theme from playstore

    So I tested all possible combinations of the above items and it turns out everything works fine just so long as you don’t flash the 7/26 stock gapps and v5 inverted apps at the same time. I wiped, flashed the rom, flashed stock gapps, rebooted, flashed inverted apps and everything works fine. But if I do stock gapps and inverted apps together without booting up and rebooting inbetween then gtalk forcloses as soon as i boot up.

    Craziness. Everything else seems to be working fine with a reboot in between so I think alls well, just thought I’d pass this along in case others have similar issues.

    • Ah, yeah if you wipe data you would need to boot up stock first…then flash the inverted zip…but let’s say there is a rom update, no data wipe needed and you can just flash the gapps and inverted apps with the rom at the same time..No data wipe needed! But glad you got it working!

  5. I really love your theme.
    currently i am using cm10 unofficial by DerTuefel and it runs really smooth (i9000).
    My question is,
    in the screenies there is a live wallpaper I believe from CM that tells you the battery % if I am right?
    I was looking for it here, the market and over XDA but couldn’t find it.
    Would you be kind and tell me where can I find it or something similar?

    Other then that, I followed your instruction, downloaded w/e is needed, deleted some gapps and it is great :D . I will tell around about this theme. Thank you for your great job!

  6. Love the theme! Any chance of Nav bar mods?

  7. Hey, love the theme and the inverted apps. One issue though. The inverted popup on the themed messaging app causes the screen to wake. There is an option for this in messaging settings but it wakes the screen even if you don’t have it selected. I went back to the unthemed messaging app and it doesn’t wake the screen, but the themed version looks a million times better.

    • Hmmm, that’s odd. I’m not having that issue on either of my phones. Try flashing again but wipe dalvik cache first to see if that fixes it. Thanks!

    • Oh I just thought of something, they fixed that issue on the mms but it’s not in my inverted zip yet..Sorry about that v9 is coming with that fix today.

  8. I have been racking my brain for weeks on this issue to no avail. Once I flash the stock gapps/inverted gapps, my messaging app force closes if I try to go to the main message list. If I get a message, I can go read it from the status bar. Other than that, I cannot open it at all. Any help?

  9. I have been racking my brain for weeks on this issue to no avail. Once I flash the stock gapps/inverted gapps, my messaging app force closes if I try to go to the main message list. If I get a message, I can go read it from the status bar. Other than that, I cannot open it at all. Any help?
    CDMA GNEX running XenonHD

    • Not sure, it might not be compatible with that rom but the actual mms is from CM10 and has been working on all the other roms. I’m about to update the inverted apps zip with a new version but for now flash your rom and take the inverted zip and remove the mms.apk until I update.

  10. I have been racking my brain for weeks on this issue to no avail. Once I flash the stock gapps/inverted gapps, my messaging app force closes if I try to go to the main message list. If I get a message, I can go read it from the status bar. Other than that, I cannot open it at all. Any help?
    CDMA GNEX running XenonHD

  11. Sorry for the multiple posts…

  12. awesome! can’t wait for the new apps. (here checking now lol)

  13. I just installed the inverted apps v9, and I don’t have Google Now. I have already downloaded the apk, just in case. Tell me what I’m doing wrong! Lol
    CDMA gnex

    • Look at the instructions in red, that will fix it..also make sure you do the how to switch gapps and use the ones I linked…all your answers are there!

  14. I love this theme but just wondered, is there any way to adjust the transparency on message app? Unless my wallpaper is really light, I can’t see my messages! I tried checking the box in message settings for using dark theme but it doesn’t make any difference whether it’s checked or not.

    • The dark theme is for the popup quick message so keep it checked…I’m going to place a link and mirrors to the new mms.apk to flash in recovery that fixes that issue since CM10 Nightlies doesn’t have the mms theme support yet but here’s the link to it: http://bit.ly/PGuBNv Flash that in recovery…no wipe needed just flash it! Let me know how it goes please!

  15. I came back here and saw the link for transparent bubbles, so I downloaded and flashed that, it fixed my issue. Then, I got an update so installed that and my phone rebooted, when it did the cyanogenmod logo was white! Did you include that feature and the message one in the update? I definitely downloaded the transparent bubbles zip. Whatever happened, I’m happy now!

  16. The white cm boot only happened once but have now installed the zip, it looks great!

  17. Are you planning on updating message app to work with cm10 group texting.

  18. I’ve been using your inverted zips. They look great! Is it possible to be in a zip?

  19. Fantastic!

  20. Downloaded the v12 zip. Worked great! When I send a new text and type in the To area. The number comes up in grey but I can only see the contact name if I press and hold the number?

  21. I’m trying to flash v13 zip. I have been using the same gapps for a while now. Do I still need to flash the ROM, gapps, then the v13 zip back to back? Or can I just flash the v13 zip with no wipe?

    • Sorry, I have been too busy to visit my site and reply. As long as you don’t wipe data you can flash updates back to back with the Rom and the gapps I linked.

  22. Hey, I just started using cm 10.1 and used your 4.2 inverted apps zip, cherry jelly theme and inverted apps all seem to work great just as before, except Gmail won’t play nice! I didn’t think to flash everything back to back but am hesitant to format again after setting everything up! Do you know if anyone else’s Gmail isn’t being inverted?

    • Uploading a new inverted apps version with the latest Gmail working perfectly now, the old one was their leak that had bugs.

  23. Love the new update! Thank you so much DJ!

  24. Your 4.2.1 Bubbles MMS is fantastic. However, the Pop-up when you get a message shows dark grey text on a black background, making the message hard to read. This is not a problem in the app itself, only in the pop-up. This may vary with themes, but presumably this should be designed to work with any theme. This seems to be a common issues with ICS/JB, where text against the background when inverted shows up Dark grey on black. If it’s possible to make the text white, that would resolve the issue.

    • Thanks, are you choosing the dark pop-up in the settings? Also this mms is for use with my themes. That’s why I didn’t post it to any forums. It doesn’t follow the basic theme rules so other themes might not work with it.

  25. Ahhh, no wonder no one uses this!! It’s really nice. I didn’t try dark, as it comes out dark anyhow. Doesn’t seem to matter, but maybe it will change the pop up. I subsequently noticed that one side of the actual messaging is also not visible at all. Perhaps I just cannot use this with my theme. I’m using an orange theme–You don’t make one, I could try red I suppose. I’m all blued out. OR, you could make this fit the theme rules, as I do Love the app, and I’m sure others will too. THere’s only one other 4.2.1 MMS out there, and I have issues with that one, where it has ICS Blue text all over it that won’t theme.

    • Well it’s not that simple to make it work with all themes, they want to use the app they can add the additional lines needed. It works perfectly with all my themes because I added them. There are a few other themes that use it too. I’m also not really wanting to just maintain an mms app all the time so I just update it on my site. Sorry but I have other projects then just that one.

  26. The theme “Neon Orange” works perfectly with this MMS. So, some themes are compatible. The Pop=up isn’t very exciting, (white background, grey text) but readable for sure. The app looks great, white text on one side, orange text on the other.

  27. Thank you for all your time and dedication making our phones Dark!

  28. New 4.2 zip works great, thanks!

  29. Your talents are immensely appreciated.

  30. Is it possible to successfully flash it on an existing rom, without having to wipe all of your date and apps?..

    • I don’t recall saying delete data anywhere. So yes you don’t need to delete data to apply my themes. Only thing I have said its too fix issues with certain things you might have to format system but not data.

  31. What’s up man, just wanted see what you think about flashing your inverted apps over Paranoid Androids gapps?

  32. Hi, any chance the recent awesome updates to DarkJelly will make it to CherryJelly?

  33. Excellent, thanks! Tiles look great.

  34. The CherryJelly updates are great! The only thing that’s not quite right for me is on the Play Store, when I downloaded an app, the pop up box that had cancel and ok options was all light red so I couldn’t see the buttons but managed to do it blind!

  35. I really like the DarkJelly theme, but I cannot use it because of one things – the notification bar is transparent which makes the thame absolutely unusable.
    Is there a version without transparent notification bar?

    • No idea what you’re talking about man. It’s not unusable at all? Works fine on all my devices. Saying that is just silly…it stays the way it is…find another theme or make one yourself.

  36. I’m running cm10 on a gs3 and I just used read jelly today on a full battery. 4 1/2 later my battery was completely depleted. the android system was second to the screen on battery usage. I’ve never had this happen before. I’m going to give it another go, as I love the theme, and I would love to try blue and black as well. But, if it drains my battery again, it’s even more likely it’s the theme which, I’m pretty sure it is. if there’s Amy chance of you looking into it, that’s be great. best theme I’ve used so far. thanks.

    • Lol, I can 100% say it’s not the theme draining the battery. The theme runs off the theme chooser system..not android..I looked at my battery list and android system uses 2% all day long. I also get 9 hours of use on my galaxy nexus. I would think it’s either the Rom or the phone having the issue..plus I’ve never had a complaint about battery life on the thousands of installs and I’m sure I would have many if it were true. So good luck and I hope you find the real issue.

  37. Having a little trouble trying to find the theme on my galaxy s3 plz help

    • Did you read my description? If your having trouble then your phone doesn’t have the required things I listed there. Root, custom Rom with the theme engine setting included.

  38. Hey man, still loving the themes, trying the blue one now. Do you have any plans to make red and blue cm boot animations? That would be awesome! Any new themes planned?

    • Sorry for the very late reply, been busy with the new team black out I started. I’m working on updates and a ClearJelly coming out soon. I’ll make some color boot animations as well, Thanks!

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