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I was a DJ in Chicago and decided to move to Missouri to get some privacy and found ANDROID! It has satisfied my hunger for mixing with it’s awesomeness and now I theme the beast! I’m satisfied with my results so far but feedback has made it even better!!!! I always loved themes and this is my payback to XDA and Android for their support and fulfilment!!! I hope you enjoy this theme and If there is something to add that will make it better then let me know!

DJ Darkknight



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  1. Hi mate and congrats for your work!
    I have some questions for you about the theme.I have Desire HD and i saw on your post that no root access is required to install,yet you say to install a Cyan mod to work.Also rom manager does work if not rooted?If i use clock recover i only see the update.zip option.Shall i rename the Darkfroyo v2.2 light that i have downloaded to update.zip?
    Also i cannot use nandroid backup since i have no root but i dont think it will be necessary since i only want the theme.
    I am sorry for all these questions but i am new to android and your theme seems very nice!

  2. You Are Amazing.I Glad I found your Work..Keep it UP..!!Droid DX

  3. Hi

    Running Cyanogen M7 on G2X . Love the look of your DarkGinger theme. Do you plan to support 800×480 screen resolution? When I tried to install on G2X I receive error that the theme doesn’t have screen resources for my device.



  4. Dude u r a beast this is the best theme for andriod . i love it dark smooth and sexy and easy to install…keep up the killer work dj

  5. do you have a facebook app thats dark

  6. This theme look so cool, but you said is only for HDPI. Can you make a version for MDPI/LDPI too?

    • I will not be making a mdpi version since it would require me starting over with images. I have worked on this theme over a year now to get this far. Sorry I just don’t have the time to theme 6000 + images again.

  7. Hey first a big thanks for you work…I’d be without words without it…

    Been running darkSwype 3.25 on my MT4G since it was out, Just saw your darkSwype honeycomb but it work on MT4G any chance you will port that to a standard “Dark” style?

  8. Great job, looks very nice?

  9. You do great work bro! I recently discovered your Dark Ginger theme and I must say well done! I love the attention to detail and just the overall feel of the theme. I just wanted to tell you to keep up the great work!

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  12. A new swype was released, I don’t know if it was today or not, but I got a notification to upgrade so I did. Was wondering if you had planned on updating the skins for the new version. The one that I am interested in is the outlined ICS swype. Thanks a ton for your dedication and hard work!


  13. thanks love the work been looking for something like this for a while!!!!!

  14. Hey man. I’m interested in tackling the new swype with you. hit me up on gtalk.. i got a couple ideas

  15. Hi, I have a HTC HD2 and i bought your DarkJelly Theme Chooser ICS/JB. I have JBParanoid_hd2_beta_v1.99, android 4.1 on my cell. I have a 32bg sd card and 149md internal storage and this theme has 43mb and when i download it and it is installing, about 1 min later it stops and not enough storage space. So my ? is how much space does this theme need when installing?

    Thank You
    ha bieb
    William Scheuvront

    P.S. I live in Germany and my cell is HTC HD2 from Europe

    • This isn’t a problem with the theme, it’s a problem with the market not using enough space to download prior to install. What I’ve been told is to delete market data in your phone’s settings or if you already have a previous version installed to uninstall it first. I’ve personally not seen this issue but was told those steps have worked. Hope this helps.


      Edit: Also just to make sure you understand..I had advised in my description in the market to try the free version first before buying the paid one..so make sure to uninstall that one if you have not already.

  16. Not working on galaxy note 2

    • Might wanna read the instructions page and the note 2 is ice cream sandwich not gingerbread..hence the name “DarkGinger”

  17. Hi,
    Good job on your custom themes, they are a sight to see!
    I was just wondering if your DarkJelly Theme will work for the GSM Razr Wizzed Bean RLS2 custom rom?
    It combines the best features of CM10 and AOKP.


  18. cherry jelly. ftw.

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