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Apologizes and update. ADW’s back

And once again, I add more bugs than I fix! :P (v1.3.2 out)

Sorry for the last update, there were 2 major bugs in there:

  • Scrolling between desktops suddenly stopped in between screens when the desktop scrolling speed was set up very high.
  • If you added a folder to the dock or dockbar, you got a nice FC loop :(

So i’ve “kind of” fixed them and released v1.3.2… hopefully this one lasts a bit longer. On a side note, I think I’ve fixed a bug regarding some devices (like the dell streak one) where the “portrait orientation” was not being properly applied…. but as I don’t own such device the “fix” is unconfirmed.

My apologizes again!

Previous post (v1.3.1):

Rebember, with great power comes great responsibility, and with ADW updates, come .1′s :).

I’ve made a few fixes on ADWLauncher EX v1.3.1 for some minor annoyances and reported bugs, nothing big.

There’s a new option (ADWSettings/UI Settings/Icons) called “Density Hack“. This is enabled by default on large and xlarge MDPI devices to load HDPI icons instead of the MDPI ones. This is what google did on Honeycomb’s launcher… and although I don’t like the way they did it, is quite “cool” or whatever and otherwise some honeycomb  users would get very tiny icons on their “awesome” tablets…
Anyways, some other users may like smaller “real state” icons so I’ve added it as an option (options? inside ADW? what?) ;)

I’ve also been noticed about some of the transition effects causing strange graphic glitches in some devices (mostly the cube inverse, but may be other ones too). I’m working on it, but isn’t fixed yet on this release.


Old post:

Hi everyone.

First of all I want to apologize for the lack of updates…I’d like to give you all a clear explanation about it:

As some of you may know, I started the ADW project long ago as a learning/having fun thing. I was unemployed and wanted to learn things to do with my phone. I spent between 5/8 hours a day on it during the first year, releasing weekly updates (sometimes even daily). You all made the project grow up with constant requests, suggestions, ideas, etc, and the most important thing: you made me get a new full time job dedicated to android on a cool spanish company called Iphonedroid.

The bad news? After a full year unemployed, getting back to work changed everything, and it’s taken longer than expected setting up a “daily development schedule” for my personal projects. Well, I’m trying to find a good way of going on devvin’ (:P) ADW in my very limited free time and without getting my family mad at it. This is how i’ve managed to push today’s update.

I can’t promise weekly updates, but I really want to do more regular stuff. One of my top priorities is putting something back into “ADW2″ project (which its been succesfully worked on by Florian Sundermann with very cool additions) porting some of the EX goodies into it and the opensource world.

Also, I DO read EVERY email I get, sometimes the answer is fast, sometimes I need to find some time to sit down and reply… But feel free to go on sending suggestions, requests, bug reports, etc!

Ok, enough boring stuff for today, now the good news:


ADWLauncher EX v1.3.0


  • Completely redone the app drawers code from scratch to improve memory usage and scrolling performance, even with transparencies, live wallpapers, etc
  • Scroll snapping on the vertical drawer/4d drawer “a la launcher 2″. (option enabled by default)
  • True” home screen looping (enabled by default) ported from ADW2.
  • New theme management screen with added functionality (and more will come)
    • Dock and dockbar background customization moved into the new theme management screen.
    • Users now can select a different theme for icons/dock/dockbar/all the rest.
  • Removed the persistence option due to being removed from android 2.3 (and it was really hacky btw).
  • New transitions from popular demand: cube, cube inverse and wheel.
  • New “desktop zoom” option when opening the app drawers (enabled by default)
  • Drawer swiping in the opposite direction of the scroll to change app groups (disabled by default, and I’ll add more visual feedback on next update).
  • Experimental Honeycomb compatibility with enabled hardware acceleration.
  • Better large and xlarge screens compatibility (wether on android 1.6, 2.x or 3.0)
  • New quickactions implementation for desktop long pressing items with new actions. (ported from ADW2)
  • New implementation for the counter bubbles with improved appearance.
  • New error reporting system to send (if you want to) direct crash feedback and spam to me :)
  • Lots of minor fixes here and there from user reports.
  • Other things I might have forgotten :P


I know is not a “big biggie”, but… hey… we’re back!

For themers out there:

If you’ve made themes for ADW.Launcher and/or ADWLauncher EX, you should add this lines to your res/values/theme_config.xml :)

<!-- remove this line if you don't want it to show -->
<string name="authorName">Your real name/nickname</string>
<!-- remove this line if you don't want the market link -->
<string name="developerName">Your android market developer name</string>
<!-- remove this line if you don't have one -->
<string name="authorLink"></string>

Also, you can now include in your themes a proper activity and “call to ADW” to apply the theme. I’ve included an intent for this:

Intent i=new Intent("org.adw.launcher.SET_THEME");
startActivity(Intent.createChooser(i,"Apply theme to..."));

This will be compatible with ADW, ADWEX and any other fork after I push the changes to git, but currently will only work on this version of ADWEX.

Next release:

Next week I’ll be pushing another release with all the community translations for ADWEX, so if your language is not there, feel free to join and submit! :-)

Also my TO-DO list for ADW is BIG, so expect always some new option, bug, etc ;-)


ADW.Launcher 1.3.6 may the trashcan be with you (and the lock)

ADW.Launcher v1.3.6 updated with some minor changes:

  • Option to Lock/Unlock desktop to avoid dragging/moving/removing items (Press menu/more/lock-unlock)
  • Some small fixes


Old post

Hi everyone.

Another “small update” out there.


  • New option to choose the thrash can position (Top/Bottom/Top Shrink/Bottom Shrink/None)
    • If the users choose “none” they can remove desktop items by the quickactions
    • The shrink options also shrink the desktop space when showing the trash can
  • Quick actions for desktop items. Thanks to
  • Added Launcher Actions to main ADD menu
  • New option to choose if the app drawer remains open when longpressing icons while the dockbar is open.
  • Items can now be draged out from the action buttons or edited by the quickactions
  • Fixes and added bugs as usual

Hope you enjoy (or hate) it :-)

ADWLauncher v.1.3.3 released

Update v1.3.3

Minor bugfix release:

  • Fixed the korean translation
  • Re-added the old icon tinting option for the dock
  • New option to select the color for the dock icon tinting

Update v1.3.2

Another small bugfix release:

  • Fixed (at last, hopefully) the desktop indicator disappearing forever
  • Fixed a FC when selecting certain icons from IconPacks
  • Updated translations
  • A few other small FC fixes

Old post

Hi everyone,
Small bugfix release here (no, i’m not gonna change the app drawer icon, sorry).


  • Updated translations.
  • Fixed the overscrolling if you have “desktop overshoot” set to zero.
  • Fixed the desktop indicator disappearing
  • Fix the horizontal app drawer getting stuck if open while loading the apps
  • Other small fixes for FCs


As not everyone like the new app drawer icon, you can create your own app drawer icon by doing this:

Menu/Add/Custom Shortcut/pick activity/Launcher Actions/Open-Close App drawer
Then you can leave the default icon or choose your own one and put it on the dock in whatever position you want.

If you want the old icon design, download this to your phone and select it as icon when creating your custom shortcut.

ADWLauncher v1.3.0 and ADWNotifier v0.7


HINT: Menu/Add/Custom Shortcut/Launcher Actions

Here we go, another update.


As previously said, this update will break some of the graphics used in themes, so if your dock looks ugly, please contact your theme developer to update it!
My own themes are ready and I’ll be releasing the update by the next hours.

ADWLauncher changes:

  • Small UI revamp (Trash can moved to the top, configurable main dock, etc).
  • Drag and drop a desktop icon in the same place to edit it.
  • Support for colored counter bubbles.
  • Support for easier scrolling of the hidden dockbar.
  • Support for replacing the app drawer button with anything.
  • You can uninstall widgets too by holding them into the trash can.
  • Lots of fixes.

ADWNotifier v0.7 changes

  • Color selection for the notifications.
  • Added a white-list for Norriz mode: if you enable this option, only applications added to the white list will trigger notifications.
  • The white-list also allows to select different color for each app (just long-press over the app)
  • Improved the code, hopefully to reduce some crashes.

A few screenshots:

Themer’s Warning: update your themes

Update: There’s a new theme template here

Hi all.

Hopefully soon we will be releasing a little update for ADW.Launcher but before doing it we’d like to warn ADWThemes developers out there: There are a few *small* changes you must accomplish or your themes will look ugly.

First thing is the removal of the app drawer button as a themable object because we’ve converted it into another Action Button. That means you should include your app drawer icon as a “standard icon” on your theme’s icon pack so users can select it if they want. In conclusion, there’s no “handle_icon.xml” (ic_tray_xxxx).

So now the “main” dock consists in lab/lab2/mab/rab2/rab and all of them are customizable Action Buttons so the theme can only change the background. Oh, and make sure you test your theme with more icon sizes, the limit for AB-Scale Factor is now at 1:1.

Old ADW version had the “handle.xml” file providing the background to the dock’s middle area, now it’s changed to “mab.xml” and you should treat it the same way you treat lab.xml, rab.xml, etc.

The other small change is the position/size change of the “Trash Can”. As the whole bottom area is drag-and-drop friendly, sometimes the trash can was hard to hit or sometimes users missed the target putting items into the dock when they really wanted to delete them or vice-versa.

Now the trash zone is located at the top of the screen, using the whole width of it. So adapt your graphics.

I don’t know if i forget something, but here’s a TEST APK only meant for themer’s so they can start working and testing their themes. This APK is “separate” from ADW, so you don’t need to uninstall/reinstall/etc. Just download, install, open org.adw_test.launcher and start tweaking your themes.

PLEASE, THIS IS A TEST VERSION FOR THEMER’S, DON’T USE AS MAIN APP, DON’T REPORT BUGS (unless they are theme-related) AND DON’T ASK FOR SUPPORT (unless is theme-related)

Apologizes for all the mess (and the upcoming… :P)

ADWNotifier: what and why

Update: ADWNotifier v0.3 and 0.4

Sorry guys, copypasting code left a stupid bug out there with the “select app” options… please report back if it’s now fixed for everyone.


Update: ADWNotifier v0.2

Ok, with this update you’ll be presented with a few options (i love options :P)

Gmail UNSEEN/UNREAD: show the total unread count (default) or just the last arrived emails since last time you opened the gmail app.

App Selector: Now you can select one of from your installed apps to show the notifications over its icon instead the default one.

Old Post

Ok, here i’m gonna try to explain how the new ADW.Launcher notifications system work and why i made ADWNotifier a separate app:

Android notifications system:

Each app can use the android notifications system to notify the user about “events” on their apps. But “other apps” cannot access those system notifications.

¿How other apps/widgets work to show “unread counts” and everything else?

They use different approaches depending the app they want notifications tracked. for example, there’s no way for a 3rd party app to intercept GMail notifications, but there’s a way for an app to read gmail data.
Each app can require a different approach, so i couldn’t create a “universal” notification system for every app, ADW.Launcher as an app cannot bypass android permissions, etc.

So, whats’s ADW.Launcher notification system?

It’s just a global receiver listening for other apps PUBLIC broadcasted intents about notifications. It DOES NOT track gmail, email, twitter, facebook, etc, on its own.

¿So why haven’t I made it to properly track gmail, facebook, twitter, etc notifications?

Because for that i would need to create a bunch of background running services, receivers an stuff inside ADW.Launcher, and i think it’s better to leave ADW.Launcher without background stuff.

ADW.Launcher is a big app and users consume a LOT of resources adding more and more widgets, more screens, more icons per screen, themes with hig-res pictures, etc… so i don’t want more resources being hogged by background services INSIDE ADW.Launcher process.

Also, a big issue is handling the 3rd party apps when they change their code and stuff stops working. I don’t want ADW.Launcher to #fail just cause google releases a new gmail app version…

The solution

Make ADW just wait for any other app wanting to show a notification inside an icon and show it. That’s all ADW.Launcher does, no so resource hog.

Take a look at Touiteur, it works flawslessly.


This is just a background service with some code to check certain data/events, the inform ADW.Launcher about changes in them.

Soon i’ll try to add more customization to ADWNotifier, such as mapping certain events to certain apps (for example, show SMS unread count over handcent or any other app icon instead the stock sms app), also I’ll try to support other apps notifications, like HTCSense SMS app, and maybe others.

This way, if there’s something wrong with the notifier, ADW.Launcher won’t be affected. Notifier can crash, FC, etc, but as a separate app, it won’t affect ADW.Launcher performance.

Yeah, ¿what else?

Mmmm, yeah, I’m still unemployed so any income is always appreciated.

I don’t think ADWNotifier is expensive, but…

I’m an android dev and i want to add ADW.Launcher notifications support

Easy one, just broadcast an intent with the “org.adw.launcher.counter.SEND” action, the COUNT integer extra and the PNAME string extra.

PNAME would be your app’s package name and COUNT…. the number you wannt to show.

Easy example:

Intent intent=new Intent();
 intent.putExtra("PNAME", "");
 intent.putExtra("COUNT", X);

That’s all, hope you all understand.

Thanks again.

ADW.Launcher 1.2.0 out

If you want ADW.Launcher information in Spanish, please head to this thread on
Si deseas información acerca de ADW.Launcher en español, dirígete a este foro en

Hi, long time without updating, sorry.

I’ve implemented a little addon app in the market (really cheap) to handle gmail, sms and missed calls notifications into ADW, search for “ADWNotifier” in the market.

Here is the latest ADW.Launcher release, version 1.2:


-New option to show app drawer catalog navigation buttons when opening the app drawer
-New global notification system to show \”unread counters\” on app icons. Currently other app developers must support it, like Touiteur does.
-New functionality to dynamically resize already added widgets on the screen. Just long-press a widget and leave it on the original place.
-Added compatibility with Motorola\’s Motoblur resizable widgets (obviously, only of you own a Motorola device)
-Added custom Launcher Actions to the custom shortcuts. Now you can create shortcuts to launcher actions like opening the app drawer, showing the previews, etc
-Support for unlimited custom app catalogs (previously limited to 4)
-Inverted the app catalogs logic: Now new apps are not shown on all catalogs (sorry, you\’ll need to create your catalogs again)
-Minor fixes and improvements here and there…



The new notifications system WON’T show notifications for an app unless the app is made to support it. If you’re an app developer and want to add support for ADW notifications, just contact me, it’s really easy to implement!!!


Warning, CM6 versions may be different to the ones provided into CM6 nightlies/rom releases, so make sure you nandroid or whatever before pushing/flashing!

Downloads are hosted in our google-code project site. If they’re not yet available, please be patient while i upload them…

ADW.Launcher 1.1.5 released


Also released a bunch of donate themes!
If you’d like to support ADW development, please, buy them in the Market!

v1.1.5 notes

Well, there’s no *fancy candy* on this release, just a lot of fixes and merged some of the latest scrollable widgets api.
The most important change is that we changed a bit the main dock layout, so if you’re using ADWThemes and start looking “bad”, please contact your theme developer so he can update the theme!

The stripped changelog is this:

  • Fix for a bug when removing desktop icons making other icons to disappear until a launcher restart.
  • Update to Scrollable API r47.
  • Removed the launcher restart when changing the Scrollable widget support.
  • Little tweak for the drawer opening/closing animation conditions.
  • Little fix so the horizontal app drawer doesn’t open in the middle of 2 pages.
  • Fix the crop intent for the custom shirtcut icon selector.
  • Themers can now specify if secondary action buttons are enabled upon theme apply.
  • Little layout changes, beware themers!!!


Warning, CM6 versions may be different to the ones provided into CM6 nightlies/rom releases, so make sure you nandroid or whatever before pushing/flashing!

Downloads are hosted in our google-code project site.

ADW Issues and Requests

Hi, If you need to report a bug, file feature requests, etc, go here:


MaytheForceCloseBeWithYou ADW.Launcher 1.1.3

Update 4: ADW.Launcher v1.1.3 “damn b**ch”

Seems my betatester #alphateam didn’t work so well…. how many bugfix releases!!!

  • Little bug with screens editor causing FCs under some circumstances
  • More minor dockbar fixes
  • Updated translations

If you are using a cyanogenmod custom rom, you can update the ADW version with the following:

Use adb push, rootexplorer or whatever method you want to update your system versions. Or wait for someone else’s posting flashable zips :-)

Update 3: ADW.Launcher v1.1.2

Little bugfix revision with the following:

  • Little bug with custom shirtcuts pictures being smaller than they should be
  • Minor dockbar fixes

Update 2: ADW.Launcher v1.1.1 released

Little bugfix revision with the following:

  • Updated some translations
  • The new Icons shader made icons smaller than they should be
  • Folder contents got messed/mixed with the app catalogs
  • Dockbar allows placing items at the drop position. This mean you can drop icons in between other icons
  • A few strange FCs

Old post

Long time, I know, but I’ve been making a lot of stuff for this hacky app during the last month…
Here is the brief changelog (for a better one, go to the Github project site, though i’ve not uploaded everything yet):


  • On Froyo, apps moved to SD now properly reload their icons when available (on desktop, action buttons, dockbar, folders, etc)
  • When using the desktop indicator “Top Dots” sometimes the top margin was missplaced to the left too.
  • Properly center the wallpaper with only 1 desktop screen
  • Sometimes the trackball/dpad scroll got stuck on the app drawer button
  • Fix old bug for the default screen setting not being applied until a restart
  • Fix colorpicker hardcoded dimensions to adapt different resolution devices
  • Added a few verifications for possible NPEs
  • Lowered a bit the swipe actions sensitivity (sometimes this caused widgets being difficult to longpress)
  • New “persistence” implementation….Read below


  • New preferences to restart ADW or reset ADW settings
  • Changed screen cache option into a list to select the desired quality. If you use scrollable widgets this can help reducing errors
  • New option to disable wallpaper scrolling
  • Dockbar items now can be dragged out the dockbar instead just deleted (I mean DOCKBAR no ACTIONBUTTONS)
  • New options to force a specified orientation (between sensor/portrait/landscape)
  • Themes now can use a custom font for desktop shortcuts, app drawer and normal folders.
  • Themes now can use a new IconShader class thanks to kaydensigh!!!(read below)
  • New custom “App Catalogs” thanks to seast!!! (read below)
  • New “custom shortcut” option inside “add” menu (read below)
  • New “Screens editor” like Samsung’s TWLauncher (read below)

Ok, I’m gonna explain a few things:

New “Persistence”

This version uses a completely different persistence implementation, but remember this is really only needed for low memory devices like G1(Dream)/Mytouch3G(Sapphire).

  • By using this persistence option, ADW.Launcher will FORCE the screen to portrait mode. ADW Won’t auto rotate, even when opening the keyboard on those phones with hardware keyboards.
  • This way ADW would be really “hard to kill”, so you can always return to home really fast.
  • With this implementation seems the “widget freezing/not updating” issue is completely solved

Also important: if you use this option, a few chunk of your phone’s RAM will be always used by the launcher, so there’s less RAM for other apps…. you know what it means, use at your own risk.

If you’re running CyanogenMod rom version 6, try using its “Home in memory” option instead of this one.

Custom shirtcuts

Press menu/add (or long press on the home screen) and select Custom shortcut.
This is a little frontend to the standard “add shortcut” menu but allowing you to change the icon and the label. And even calling “hidden activities” of other apps

Icons can be selected from 3 sources:

  • Custom picture: Just select a picture on your phone and use it as icon
  • Crop picture: Just select a picture on your phone and crop the desired area to use as icon
  • ADWTheme IconPacks: Yeah, ADWThemes will be able to provide icon packs for you to use as source of custom icons :-)

Soon I’ll be making a new post with the required instructions and ADW.Theme.Template update so every theme developer can adapt their themes and provide icon packs. In the meanwhile, my free theme “Stock Blue” already has a demo icon pack for you to test

Screens editor

Kanging Samsung’s great launcher, i’ve developed this little tool to allow you organize your desktop. You can add, remove an swap screens on a really easy way!

  1. Press “menu/Edit”
  2. Scroll through your screens
  3. Use the overlay buttons to remove/add/swap screens
  4. Press your phone’s “back” key to exit

App Catalogs

New way to organize your apps. Make custom application catalogs by hiding the undesired ones and switch between them fast and easy!

  • Press your phone’s “menu” key while the app drawer is open
  • Select “choose group” to switch between different catalogs
  • Select “setup group” to edit the list of desired/hidden applications
  • You can remove a group by selecting “remove group”

ADWTheme icon shaders

Theme developers can use a new and “simple” way to apply effects to ALL the icons (but custom shortcuts) by adding a little XML file to the themes. I will be posting more info about that soon.
In the meanwhile, my free theme “Stock Blue” already has a demo shader for you to test

Ok, that’s all for now!!! Please don’t be harsh to me in case of (the ton of) errors!!!