ADW.Launcher Information

Info on how my hack works, known issues and so on…


Some settings will force launcher to shutdown itself after aplying, so if your launcher shuts off on settings exit, you should “relaunch” it pressing your home phisical button.


Remember that Android 1.6 DONUT releases are (al will always be) 0.6.X branch. Eclair releases start from 0.7x and maybe will go up in the future.


  • Custom settings for full customization
  • Desktop previews for fast scrolling
  • Custom action shortcuts near app drawer button with drag&drop support
  • Dockbar with upto 6 action shortcuts
  • App drawer with horizontal-paginated (desktop like) implementation
  • Android 2.1 Live Wallpapers support (eclair version only)
  • And all of the above is customizable

Known Issues

  • If using eclair version and have LiveWallpaper support ON some graphics with transparency are “uglier” than donut version/eclair with LWP off. I can’t do so much to fix it, so tweak graphics yourself using metamorph
  • Letme know on twitter so i can add them here

Usage Instructions

  • The dockbar comes up by dragging up the app-drawer button, and you can hide it by swiping down over it (or hitting the small close button)
  • You can drag and drop app icons, folder and shortcuts to dockbar & action buttons (LAB/RAB)
  • To remove a shortcut from dockbar, just longpress it and a popup will ask you to do so
  • To change an action button (LAB/RAB) just drop other app/shortcut over it
  • Check MENU->ADWSettings to customize a lot of the features of this launcher hack
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