MaytheForceCloseBeWithYou ADW.Launcher 1.1.3

Update 4: ADW.Launcher v1.1.3 “damn b**ch”

Seems my betatester #alphateam didn’t work so well…. how many bugfix releases!!!

  • Little bug with screens editor causing FCs under some circumstances
  • More minor dockbar fixes
  • Updated translations

If you are using a cyanogenmod custom rom, you can update the ADW version with the following:

Use adb push, rootexplorer or whatever method you want to update your system versions. Or wait for someone else’s posting flashable zips :-)

Update 3: ADW.Launcher v1.1.2

Little bugfix revision with the following:

  • Little bug with custom shirtcuts pictures being smaller than they should be
  • Minor dockbar fixes

Update 2: ADW.Launcher v1.1.1 released

Little bugfix revision with the following:

  • Updated some translations
  • The new Icons shader made icons smaller than they should be
  • Folder contents got messed/mixed with the app catalogs
  • Dockbar allows placing items at the drop position. This mean you can drop icons in between other icons
  • A few strange FCs

Old post

Long time, I know, but I’ve been making a lot of stuff for this hacky app during the last month…
Here is the brief changelog (for a better one, go to the Github project site, though i’ve not uploaded everything yet):


  • On Froyo, apps moved to SD now properly reload their icons when available (on desktop, action buttons, dockbar, folders, etc)
  • When using the desktop indicator “Top Dots” sometimes the top margin was missplaced to the left too.
  • Properly center the wallpaper with only 1 desktop screen
  • Sometimes the trackball/dpad scroll got stuck on the app drawer button
  • Fix old bug for the default screen setting not being applied until a restart
  • Fix colorpicker hardcoded dimensions to adapt different resolution devices
  • Added a few verifications for possible NPEs
  • Lowered a bit the swipe actions sensitivity (sometimes this caused widgets being difficult to longpress)
  • New “persistence” implementation….Read below


  • New preferences to restart ADW or reset ADW settings
  • Changed screen cache option into a list to select the desired quality. If you use scrollable widgets this can help reducing errors
  • New option to disable wallpaper scrolling
  • Dockbar items now can be dragged out the dockbar instead just deleted (I mean DOCKBAR no ACTIONBUTTONS)
  • New options to force a specified orientation (between sensor/portrait/landscape)
  • Themes now can use a custom font for desktop shortcuts, app drawer and normal folders.
  • Themes now can use a new IconShader class thanks to kaydensigh!!!(read below)
  • New custom “App Catalogs” thanks to seast!!! (read below)
  • New “custom shortcut” option inside “add” menu (read below)
  • New “Screens editor” like Samsung’s TWLauncher (read below)

Ok, I’m gonna explain a few things:

New “Persistence”

This version uses a completely different persistence implementation, but remember this is really only needed for low memory devices like G1(Dream)/Mytouch3G(Sapphire).

  • By using this persistence option, ADW.Launcher will FORCE the screen to portrait mode. ADW Won’t auto rotate, even when opening the keyboard on those phones with hardware keyboards.
  • This way ADW would be really “hard to kill”, so you can always return to home really fast.
  • With this implementation seems the “widget freezing/not updating” issue is completely solved

Also important: if you use this option, a few chunk of your phone’s RAM will be always used by the launcher, so there’s less RAM for other apps…. you know what it means, use at your own risk.

If you’re running CyanogenMod rom version 6, try using its “Home in memory” option instead of this one.

Custom shirtcuts

Press menu/add (or long press on the home screen) and select Custom shortcut.
This is a little frontend to the standard “add shortcut” menu but allowing you to change the icon and the label. And even calling “hidden activities” of other apps

Icons can be selected from 3 sources:

  • Custom picture: Just select a picture on your phone and use it as icon
  • Crop picture: Just select a picture on your phone and crop the desired area to use as icon
  • ADWTheme IconPacks: Yeah, ADWThemes will be able to provide icon packs for you to use as source of custom icons :-)

Soon I’ll be making a new post with the required instructions and ADW.Theme.Template update so every theme developer can adapt their themes and provide icon packs. In the meanwhile, my free theme “Stock Blue” already has a demo icon pack for you to test

Screens editor

Kanging Samsung’s great launcher, i’ve developed this little tool to allow you organize your desktop. You can add, remove an swap screens on a really easy way!

  1. Press “menu/Edit”
  2. Scroll through your screens
  3. Use the overlay buttons to remove/add/swap screens
  4. Press your phone’s “back” key to exit

App Catalogs

New way to organize your apps. Make custom application catalogs by hiding the undesired ones and switch between them fast and easy!

  • Press your phone’s “menu” key while the app drawer is open
  • Select “choose group” to switch between different catalogs
  • Select “setup group” to edit the list of desired/hidden applications
  • You can remove a group by selecting “remove group”

ADWTheme icon shaders

Theme developers can use a new and “simple” way to apply effects to ALL the icons (but custom shortcuts) by adding a little XML file to the themes. I will be posting more info about that soon.
In the meanwhile, my free theme “Stock Blue” already has a demo shader for you to test

Ok, that’s all for now!!! Please don’t be harsh to me in case of (the ton of) errors!!!

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  • Comments (97)
    • texaganian
    • August 23rd, 2010 6:34pm

    System Persistent finally solved the painfully slow redraw when returning to home under CM6 for me. This is the only thing that has solved that problem. Tis a shame that it locks the home screen to portrait but it is the lesser of two evils for me.

      • AnderWeb
      • August 23rd, 2010 11:46pm

      Have you tried the “keep home in memory” option in cyanogenmod settings?

    • Lasse Bodilsen
    • August 23rd, 2010 6:49pm

    Hi again
    Thanks for the note on how to avoid banning on widgets.

    If i disable cache, will i then save even more memory?

    It seems to run fine and fast enough with cache disabled on x10 mini pro. Might be because of qvga resulution though :-)

      • AnderWeb
      • August 23rd, 2010 11:47pm

      Yes, you’ll save tons of memory disabling the screen cache :) the same with wallpaper hack.

    • ZarathustrA
    • August 23rd, 2010 7:22pm

    You sure have a thing for “shirtcuts”, whatever the hell those are. =)

      • AnderWeb
      • August 23rd, 2010 11:47pm

      That’s an old twitter joke about shortcuts :)

    • Tom Kerry
    • August 24th, 2010 1:22am

    how to downgrade to v.1.0
    this update made my mytouch 3g slow and system persistance doesnt help.
    and my widgets change to a horrible color when scrolling, please fix..

      • AnderWeb
      • August 24th, 2010 1:49am

      I had to downgrade to ignore your comment. Please read.

    • Irvin Stiglitz
    • August 24th, 2010 6:08am

    The version I installed a month ago worked the version I downloaded tonight doesn’t do anything on my Droid incredible.

      • AnderWeb
      • August 24th, 2010 11:47am

      Press your phone’s home button and select ADW as your launcher.
      If that doesn’t work you may need to go Settings/Applications/Manage applications, look for your current launcher and “clear defaults”. Then hit your phone’s home button and select ADW.

    • D3str4ct
    • August 24th, 2010 12:10pm

    Best home app, and it just get better :)

    But with version 1.1 it’s harder to move widgets with long tap for me. I keep my finger on widgets, and sometimes nothing happens.
    Probably change of swipe actions sensitivity or something related with it causes this…
    (I’ve got a LG Optimus GT540, with 1.6 donut.)

    Other thing that I have trouble with from the beginning: the action buttons. It happens all the time with me when I delete shortcuts or uninstall apps, that accidentally I drop the icons on action buttons instead of the trashcan.
    A function or setting to lock Action Buttons would be great I think.

    I see that you are implementing features and functions from other stock home and launcher apps.
    On my LG GT540 the default one is the LGHome screen, and it has got one great feature, that I haven’t seen in any other launcher yet. It’s dividing the app icons in the drawer screen into category groups (with header title). But not the way you’ve just added to the new version. Here some screenshots I found: I hope that you maybe consider it worth to implement.

    Otherwise great work on ADW, thank you!

    • Bill Mitchell
    • August 24th, 2010 4:48pm

    The App Dock is a complete mess. When you try to drag app icons to new positions, the often don’t move at all or just move to a random spot you didn’t choose. Quite unnerving.

    Rather that try to implement a complicated “drag-n-drop” solution for the App Dock, simply create a form which allows the user to add the apps they want in the dock as a vertical list and arrange them as they like much as you would arrange bookmarks in the Dolphin Browser.

    Once you have the order you like, just click “Save” and the App Dock would then refresh with the new order.

    This would be easier and much less frustrating for the user.

      • AnderWeb
      • August 24th, 2010 10:52pm

      The “mess” is a bug, I’ve received a fix a few hours ago so expect an update soon.

    • leon
    • August 24th, 2010 5:56pm

    You fix the bugs it? I used to worry, though?
    ……..Thank you…….

    • leon
    • August 24th, 2010 6:10pm

    leon :You fix the bugs it? I used to worry, though?……..Thank you…….

    Please explain the purpose of wallpaper hack

    • Shaniqua
    • August 25th, 2010 10:25pm

    Do you know how to fix widgets changing color when scrolling?

      • AnderWeb
      • August 26th, 2010 12:15am

      Adwsettings, system settings, cache type = auto

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